Check out the new digs!

Well, it’s official! I decided to switch over from DevJunkyard to codeserious, instead. I’m still in the process of switching things over, though, so if you notice anything incredible broken please, please let me know!

Launching Katie Crafts and How I Did It

Katie CraftsOver the last couple of months, my wife Katie and I put together and launched her new site, Katie Crafts. It’s a blog built on WordPress where she posts all manner of things related to DIY (crafting, sewing, recipes, etc); some of the more popular posts she ends up selling on Etsy. If you or anyone you know is in to that sort of thing, I definitely recommend checking it out. Read more »

How to Enable Swap on a Linux Server

Over the weekend, I was running in to an issue on one of my Digital Ocean droplets that was causing the MySQL service to stop running. After some back and forth with support we boiled it down to a singular issue.

The server was running out of memory which was causing the MySQL service to quit when things went sideways. It wasn’t entirely unexpected — I’m running Katie Crafts on the 512MB VPS after all. Read more »